The new generation of technology has been an era of cloud computing, launch of new tablets, big data and lots more. A lot of these events have been very interesting and eye catching and have impacted many large organizations and technology strategists in the way they strategize their technology plans.  On the contrary it is really important for us to know on how these big technology events has impacted the Small and Medium businesses.

We at Directing IT believe that the smaller organizations have not been able to ripe the benefits of these upcoming technologies mostly because of lack of technology focus and funds. It is often observed that small businesses believe in the wait and watch theory before moving to a newer better technology, also because of the myth that the costs of moving to the latest is always high.  As a general thought process, even before we understand the benefit of a better technology we start questioning its costs and most of the time we disregard it.

It is time for us to change our mindsets and bring in more progressive technology strategies. The top strategies includes personal cloud, hybrid IT and cloud computing and strategic big data. These are worth noting and should definitely be part of the IT strategy for even the smaller businesses. With the focus on personal and hybrid cloud technologies, more and more enterprise applications will now be available to us as  pay-per-use which will enable a lot of small and medium businesses to bring in the latest technology and get high return on such investments.

We provide affordable IT Strategy Consulting services specially designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

It is no brainer for anyone to guess that most small businesses are getting inclined towards technology solutions for their business needs. However, not often do these small businesses follow an objective process for selecting a technology system. As a general norm most of these small businesses try to save on the cost of purchasing a technology system and often purchase something that would come at the least cost.

We believe that any system selection process should have certain basic objectives. Instead of looking at the cost alone, we should be looking at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the next 3 to 5 years. From our experience we have seen that technology systems that have been purchased at a very low cost may not always suit the actual requirement in the long run and it would either lead to spending a lot more money in customizing these systems or purchasing another system all together. Either ways, in such cases the actual cost of purchasing the required technology system is much higher and further more, the opportunity cost of such decisions is very high.

At Directing IT, we involve ourselves in the system selection process right from the beginning i.e. from the stage of identifying and documenting the exact business requirement. We work with our clients to make the selection process objective with a long term vision in mind. We help determine the TCO and ROI for all technology decisions.

Most technology researches in the recent past have shown that the small businesses are getting more focused towards their technology plans and have started understanding the importance of technology in their overall strategy. These research reports keep stating on how the technology budgets of small & medium businesses keeps increasing every year. However, when it comes to execution of these strategies most of the small businesses shy away from investing into the right technology resources, be it the technology people or the technology solutions. The owners of most small businesses prefer getting the job done by someone who is not tech savvy, even more, some of them prefer doing the job themselves. They consider technology as another function that they should handle and take most of their technology decisions on their own. While this may not always prove to be bad, it is advisable that some technology professional be involved in all technology decisions. 

We at Directing IT understand that technology keeps evolving every day. Thus it is very important for the technology people to keep themselves updated with the latest innovations in the market. We keep evaluating different technology solutions from various solution providers. Our objective is to provide independent advice for all your technology solutions, giving utmost importance to our customers end-goal. Our consulting services are affordable and enable you to scale your business with the right technology solutions.