In the past, technology has played a heroic role in the growth of most organizations, specially the large enterprises. Without technology it would have been impossible for large organizations to achieve scale. The various IT tools have helped these large enterprises in automating all aspects of their operations , be it transaction processing, information sharing, business intelligence, inventory management, regulatory compliance, etc….. and the list continues.  On the contrary a lot of these IT tools that have helped the large enterprises to be the market leader for decades, have always been way too expensive for the smaller enterprises.

In the present, trends are changing and technology providers are becoming more pro towards the pay-per-use costing model. With the focus on public and private cloud platforms, more and more technology solutions are focusing on the smaller businesses leading to simpler but niche solutions specially designed for the smaller businesses. Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) are becoming the buzzwords of the new era. Now smaller businesses have more choice of technology solutions and are able to budget for newer technologies along with their business plans.

In the future, we believe that most small businesses would be adequately  technology enabled. We at Directing IT provide guidance to the small businesses to identify the right technology solutions for their businesses. Our goal is to enable the small and medium businesses with affordable technology solutions and help them gain efficiencies within their processes. We believe that with the right choice of technology even the smallest of institution can become self sufficient and provide efficient and prompt customer service to their end customers.