At 30000 feet most stakeholders from Business and IT teams would believe that strategic investments in technology are must in order to keep innovating the business and gain competitive advantage. The ground reality, however, is very different. As the perspective of different stakeholders are quite varied with very different goals and objectives. This is why very often we see the Top Management of most small & medium businesses face the dilemma of whether it is worth investing into a particular technology.

The primary objective of IT Consulting is to appraise the Top Management about the gaps between Business and IT and assist them in bridging these gaps. The basic idea is to bring Business and IT together to identify and invest in technologies with a common goal. Furthermore to set measurable objectives for accessing the return on investment (ROI) for every technology decision.

At Directing IT, we provide affordable technology consulting services. We work closely with the Top Management of small & medium businesses and assist them in taking objective technology decisions. We help our clients in:

  • developing an IT strategy which is aligned with their business goals.
  • managing their IT budget and maximizing the ROI for all technology investments.
  • finding the best technology solutions within the IT budget.
  • recruiting the right technology people and mentoring them.
  • managing technology projects and ensuring successful handover to operations.
  • assessing IT risks by conducting IT audits and much more...