A typical start-up enterprise will emerge out from an idea of a business oriented person or someone who is thinking of a social cause. In both scenarios, the entrepreneur is busy thinking about the enterprise goals.  Most entrepreneurs concentrate on a strong business strategy and put down the short term and long term business goals. Somewhere within the business strategy you may find a small section on technology or technology costs to be precise. Seldom do the start-ups have a technology strategy and if you question the existence of such an IT strategy, the most common answer would be that "we have budgeted for our technology requirements".

It is very important for stakeholders of  any start-up enterprise to understand the importance of a technology strategy. A good technology strategy would clearly lay down both the short term and long term technology goals. The IT strategy should be clearly aligned with the business strategy. It should have a definite direction and purpose.

Some of the key  aspects of any IT strategy are:

  • Technology goals and their relation to the Business Goals
  • Technology budget (both long-term and short-term) and their projected Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Benefit of technology to the end customer of your product or service
  • Technology options, their risks and their impact on the business

At Directing IT we provide technology consulting and enable your start-up to align the technology strategy with the business strategy and ensure that technology and business goes hand in hand.