As we all know project management is all about managing cost, scope and time. Now, this is exactly what we try to do even in general life. The formal methodologies of project management allows one to manage cost, scope and time more effectively. Thus be it a small business or a large business the need for project management is a must.

To understand this, let us look at some of the very obvious benefits of Project Management:

  • Structured Planning
  • Learning from past experiences
  • Better efficiency in terms of cost, scope and time management
  • Effective resource management
  • Better risk control
  • Enhanced Quality Product or Service and
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Now, the question is, "what does it take to get the above benefits?". Most small organizations believe that following Project Management methods require high-end resources and expensive software. However, the fact of the matter is that it takes a few basic steps to follow project management methods. At Directing IT we work with you in putting an effective project management methodology within your organization without spending a lot of money. We work with you:

  • On the usage of project management techniques
  • To create a work break down (WBS) structure
  • To create a project schedule along with the milestones, time-frames and dependencies.
  • To Identify and managing risks
  • To Identify 3rd party suppliers and vendors
  • To ensure proper execution of the project