Prakriti Sethia - Co-Founder & UI/UX Consultant

Prakriti has been a UX leader and a Marketing Communication professional working in versatile environments, handling various roles & a range of responsibilities for over 20 years. She has worked on large scale digital products developed by Infosys and Tech Mahindra, owning the overarching UX & UI part. Bringing the marketer’s perspective to the UI/UX design is her biggest strength, having catered to the top advertising agencies and biggest of brands like Disney, Universal Studio, Burj Khalifa, Mandai, LUX, Mortien, ICICI, Savlon, Kellogs, Ariel, HSBC Bank, Moserbaer, Zee TV among others during the span of her career.

Heading the UI/UX Consulting services at Directing IT, she collaborates with the business team, technology team and the design team during the entire product life-cycle to guide a holistic UI/UX solution that delivers business objectives by easing the user’s journey.

Nitin Manchanda - Co-Founder & Digital Lending Consultant

Nitin has over 20 years of experience in information technology predominantly in the Financial Services industry. He has been part of the founding member group of multiple successful start-up companies prior to starting Directing IT. Nitin has successfully lead technology teams and built enterprise technology in his previous experience. He is an expert in Lending solutions for Online Lending and Core Banking solutions. He has successfully built multiple cloud/digital lending solutions from scratch for all the lending processes. 

Heading the Digital Lending Consulting services at Directing IT, he works closely with the top-management of lending institutions, credit teams and the technology teams to help them manage and automate all their lending needs.