We bring our UI/UX expertise to transform your vision into a user-friendly digital product meting the key business objectives.

We at Directing IT follow a unique approach for our UI/UX Consulting service which is centered around your business philosophy which eventually leads to business growth. Our UI/UX consultant engages with the management team of our clients to fully understand the brand requirements and convert that into the right design and finally the right functional product. Our primary goal is to ensure that the end user experience is enhanced, which works both ways, understanding the business requirements and educating the team on the right UI/UX approach.

Unlike most UI/UX service providers we believe in providing top level guidance to the management for their UI/UX needs. We assist you in finding the right UI/UX technology partners be it the design, development or testing of the UI/UX solution and we work close with these partners to ensure quality and timely delivery of the final product, thus being part of the entire process from start to the end viz.

  • UI/UX research (understanding brand and end customer requirements, evaluating existing products)
  • UI/UX strategy (creating the roadmap for UI/UX strategy, identifying tools and partners)
  • UI/UX design (converting the requirements into wireframes, developing the final designs)
  • UI/UX development (converting the designs into prototypes, developing the final product)
  • UI/UX testing (testing the user interfaces and ensuring that the product works as per the requirements)
  • UI/UX enhancements (ongoing UI/UX consulting to measure the effectiveness of UX)

"Being independent of the technology providers, the purpose of our UI/UX consulting process is to ensure maximum benefit to our clients". 

To know more about our UI/UX Consulting services, please contact us.